Five tips to lose 20 lbs, yes you can do it! 

It’s way past the new year but why wait for another six months to pass by in order to start your weight loss goals? We are certainly not. Starting today, one of my besties and I became determined to lose 20 lbs. Yes friends we said 20 pounds! We made a pact to commit to meet this goal and motivate each other. The two of us could not believe how we just let our health go by. Life got in the way we said, being a single mom, having a full time job, bla bla bla, excuses excuses, I’m sure you can come up with your own excuses but friends let’s get real we just didn’t make ourselves or our health a priority. We simply did not commit to putting in the work. Plus we can’t find that magic miracle pill that J-Lo and Shakira have found. Jk it doesn’t exist so don’t try googling, I’ve already done it for you. It’s just a matter of calories in versus calories out. 

So here I am ready to take responsibility, refocus, change my mindset and lifestyle to get healthy and fit again. Want to join? 

I’ve came to the conclusion that what worked for me before does not work for me anymore. Before, I used to eat pretty healthy Monday through Friday and then splurge on the weekends including having a couple of drinks, well many, who am I kidding. I would also have a regular workout regimen, which included doing cardio and some light weights. It’s time to switch it up and only have one day to indulge not two. It’s time to think is this the right choice? 

Shockingly, I’ve been working out since March with mainly cardio but haven’t lost one pound. I do but it comes back right away, I can’t keep it off. So the only thing I can think off is those little weekend indulgences are just sticking around more than usual and adding up as my potential stored energy aka fat. Doesn’t potential stored energy sound better? 😉 

I’ve also realized that it took me almost 2 years to gain 20 pounds, it didn’t happen overnight, just little by little. Now I’m going to be patient with myself, set realistic goals and commit to a new lifestyle. So the following 5 suggestive tips are what I’m going to follow. These seem to have come up over and over again as I was researching for my own personal weight-loss goals. Hopefully these can help you too if you are looking at dropping some good ol’ L-B-S. 

 Tip #1: Reduce those alcohol drinks! Yes friends this is a toughy one since we all love to socialize and double-fist it in order to avoid those bar lines but hey maybe it’s a good thing. I’m going to try my best to have no more than 2-3 drinks a week rather than 2-3 drinks per social event, oh boy! 

Tip #2: Grab a workout buddy! It’s always more fun to workout with someone but if it’s not possible each day at least check in with someone, try MyFitnessPal and make some friends. I like giving likes to my pals on their progress! 

Tip #3: Change your workout! I know many times I dread hitting the gym because I get bored. Join a class or just do something different even if it means doing the stair master as opposed to the treadmill. Lately I’m loving Cardio and Karaoke Jam!! It doesn’t matter just move your a$$ everyday for at least 30 minutes! 

Tip #4: Eat your fruits and veggies! Yes I am a true believer in the old saying of you are what you eat. Let’s feel good after we eat not just during eating. Many times I feel so bloated or icky after eating something so deliciously bad. It’s not worth it. 

Tip #5: Just be accountable! Don’t make excuses rather own up to your slip-ups and try it again. Set goals that are realistic to you. Only you are responsible for your own actions, remember that, don’t blame your kids or your co-workers social functions. No one makes you down that third cupcake, fifth taco or bottle of wine. 

Last thought, remember friends it’s all about how you feel not look!! Xoxo❤️


My 5 tips to help you move on after a 💔

Are you heart broken? Did you just break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend of X amount of months or years? Are you going through a separation or divorce? Well if so, know that you’re not alone and I hope with this post I can help you with your gloomy days. First know that I deeply empathize with you if you’re going through this as I’ve cried my eyes out many days and nights. But with time know that you will be in a much better place in the long run and with the right one. I’m so much happier today then I ever was in the past with my boyfriends, lovers and husbands. Oh wait, husband. I only had one. If I could do it so can you!

But how did I get there? I won’t sugar coat it because it was hard and there were plenty of days in which I didn’t think I had it in me to move on. Also, for me it took me a couple of years to get back to a good place when it comes to the matters of the heart. But again, this is a process I could not have done alone. Here are my tips to help you stop those tears and be on your way to moving on to a happier you! 

First: Party your heart out! I have to thank my dear friend Christopher Festa for recruiting me to be part of his Royal family. If you’re a Chicago native you know what I’m talking about TBOX!!! But trust me, there were times right before going out that I would cry my eyes out and not want to go out. But after I was done crying and wondering why? I’d go through my playlists and listen to some Pitbull to pump myself up to go out and have a grand time! Que no pare la fiesta! Don’t stop the party! Grab your heels and dance the night away! 

Second: Talk it out! Don’t hold it in, tell your BFFs how you feel, what you’re going through. Before you know it you and your besties will be LOL about the fool. Que pendejo! 

Third: Find a hobby and keep yourself busy! Now is your time to take advantage of all those Groupon deals you keep seeing. Learn to make pasta, create your masterpiece as you sip on wine, get a massage, whatever, even try knitting! You never know what you’ll discover. For me it was keeping up with my love and passion for acting. Check out my IMDB Page and see what I’ve been up to in film-land lately. Luces, camara acción!

The Tragedy of Jimmy Jimmy Kates directed by Carmen Espinoza, filming this summer. 

 I Used to Love Her webseries directed by Mark Harris

 Kontakto Entertainment Management Company, thank you Isabel and Danilo! 

Fourth: Stay positive! Focus on your blessings! 

Do you have a jobby-job? Great! Consider yourself fortunate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Data, 40% of Americans are unemployed. Yikes! I wonder what they do all day? 

Do you have kids and they’re healthy? That’s a double-whammy! I’m sure baby daddy wishes he could see more of his baby girl but c’est la vie.

Do you have family? Of course! Go visit granny who you haven’t seen for awhile, she will be thrilled to see you! 

How about friends? Of course, you have them but they’re all on their phones you say? Well be the initiator and plan a girls night out, a bros night in, whatever it is but you have them, gather them and make a date with your friends! Whoop! Whoop! Fifth: Get rid of the evidence! I mean all the pictures, letters, etc. Throw them out and just let go. When baby daddy left I took all the pictures of his mug down! Then replaced them with my Cali girl, girlfriends, guy friends, and family. Leave some picture frames empty for your new love. He or she is out there and looking for you too. Well I hope this helps. I’m not a love expert by all means but I’ve been there and living proof that yes you can move on. Each break up makes you stronger and before you know it you’ll be prepared for the right one rather than your right now. Last thought but I think is the most important for you to know is that you are beautiful and you are worthy of being loved. 

Bellas and guapos, if you got over a heartbreak please feel free to comment and leave some tips on what worked for you! Xoxo❤

My books are actually movies

Check out my uber talented musician, storyteller, and actor/director friend of mine!! Enjoy! Xo💕


I guess this entry will be more of a shameless self promotion but I feel I need to explain my author status after receiving many questions.(It’s going to be long winded so bare with me.)

First I don’t really considered myself an “Author” but more of a storyteller.The reason being is that authors are trained in the art of writing and through text can project their own imagery into ones mind. I on the other hand am not that gifted.

I write my stories from scenes I witness in my head. My books are actually movies I watch in my own imagination and try to explain to the reader what I am seeing. Sometimes the translations get lost but readers are extremely intelligent and can fill in the blanks within their own mind.

The real reason I write is simply because I don’t have the means (or budget)to producer a full film. I try to express my…

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Out of This World

“Disconnected, MIA, unknown, where in the world have you been?” as a few of you had asked me. Thank you dear friends for checking in on me, know in my heart that I appreciate you dearly. But here’s the truth.

It’s been about 3 months since I packed my car and moved cross country back to my home state of California. Even though I had many people supporting me in all aspects: socially, emotionally, financially and professionally. I still felt lost, confused, and out of this world. I was excited to start my new life yet it was terrifying once I got here. Multiple nights I would wake up suddenly not knowing where I was. Then pondering what will become of me. Since present me worried me completely, it triggered the unknown future me to be horrified of what’s next. Close friends would try to cheer me up, suggest plans to go out, but I wasn’t up to it. I wasn’t living in the present rather stuck in an unknown future. This has never been like me. Even at my worst with my ex, I was living in the present figuring how to get out for a better future. Which is why it was so odd for me, now that I was free from that, did I feel as if I was living in a twilight zone episode? I was so out of touch with my present that I even passed on my high school reunion, an event I was looking forward to attending but again, I couldn’t put myself together. 

There’s a couple reasons I think contributed to why I wasn’t feeling as myself. Perhaps the reality that I am now an official single parent had me thinking too much and worrying more than ever before. Perhaps the realization that LA is definitely a bigger acting community, where do I even start to find my own, had me doubting myself too. Maybe the fact that I was contemplating a whole new career change. Or the fact that I was bouncing from place to place without my own place to call home yet had me anxious. The fact that my car was still jam packed with things had me upset that things weren’t moving along as quickly as I had thought and had planned. 

But dear friends, after three months that felt like eternity, and after all the weaving through my worries, doubts and insecurities, I’m back. 

How did I do it? Well first of all I didn’t do it alone. I did have a core group of friends and of course family to help me. Second, I just had to wake up and do it all over again: job search, apartment search, soul search. I only did what I could handle on a daily basis to not overwhelm myself. Third, just have faith! I believe in the spiritual world and I began to dedicate time to praying on a daily basis even if it’s just 5 minutes, to reflect and be grateful for what I was given daily, the gift of living another day freely. With this thought, I then decided how I was going to live it; peacefully or combative. 

So there you go friends, my formula to bringing you back to this world and connecting you with your goals. Transitions aren’t easy but they are necessary to grow and change into the person you want to be!! Don’t give up! 

1. Have a core group of family and friends.

2. Do what you can on a daily basis but be realistic. Each day gets you closer.

3. Have faith! Whatever you do spiritually, meditate, take time to reflect on your day and be grateful for life. 

One last thought, I got my inspiration through a film festival called Galactic Film Fest. If you haven’t heard about it here’s the link so you can check it out and vote for me, vote for all, whoever you like. For me it’s not about winning a competition against others rather a competition against myself on self-improvement. Besides all of these beauties are already winners to me as we are following our dreams, hearts and passions!! Have a glorious day friends!! You have it in you!! Remember don’t give up!! XOXO💋💋

Searching for love in all the wrong places…not me

Searching, searching, searching, that’s mainly what I’ve been doing lately. Nonstop searching for a place to live, a decent school district to send my little one too, new meet-up groups to discover, the fastest way to lose 5 pounds, a new hair stylist, you know those kind of things. But a few things I’m absolutely not searching for is my wallet in El Segundo, Pokemon, oh, and love. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly grateful for those friends who have been checking in on me in the romantic department but before you even think if I’m looking to be set on a blind date, in hopes of my soul mate or true love, the answer is no thank you, I’ll pass. I know you keep insisting your cousin looks like William Levy or Gael Garcia Bernal but it’s not even about how attractive he is on the surface. And no I’m not “scared to date” or am I “angry” at all, or am I still “healing” and need more “time”. The truth is I’m just not interested right now. 

Dating takes time and right now, I want to spend all of my spare time on me.    Call me selfish, call me greedy, call me foolish to pass up on your handsome cousin, but don’t call me to set me on a date, a blind date especially. I’ve discovered my time, my goals and my  joys are just as important as dating and I’d rather spend all of my energy and focus on me. But in the meantime my concerned friends, do know, I am perfectly fine being by myself and love, love, love not having to ask for anyone’s approval on any of my decisions or having to explain myself at all, period. Come to think of it, I don’t ever want to lose “me time” again. If you’ve lost yours, make it a goal to give yourself at least 20 minutes of alone and reflecting time. You’ll love it plus you need it. 

So guys before you ask, if I want a man, if I want to be your hyna (Spanish slang for girl/girlfriend ) or ladies before you mention, if I worry that I’ll be alone, the answer is, no. With time, the right person will show up without a search, search warrant or blind date. 

So for those curious, what do I do on my spare time? Well I skip the gym and enjoy a slice of key lime pie, hang with my besties, continue with my film passion, run around like a five year old at the park, read picture books (for my five year old, seriously), write, create skits and occasionally party! 

Until next blog, let me know what or who is on your radar search or what you do on your spare time. Check out the Video version of Who wants Key Lime Pie? XOXO❤️❤️💋💋

Independence Day 

Family, friends, food, and fireworks the four essential checklist items to celebrate America’s independence from Great Britain today, aka the fourth of July. As you gather around today sporting your red, white, and blue, and dancing to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA or dusting off the Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA CD you only take out once a year, and after you’ve devoured a few hot dogs, followed by a huge slice of apple pie, take a few minutes to remember the importance of this day.  

What does your freedom and independence mean to you? Are you really living at liberty and with justice for all? 

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade today at all, but after today is set and done and all of those texts, messages, and post updates of “Happy Fourth of July” disappear from your newsfeed, are you really on your pursuit of happiness? 

To me, my freedom and independence means that I can do as I wish without any judgement or guilt. Having the liberty to to follow my dreams, balance a career, family and friends as I choose without having to explain myself is my pursuit of happiness. But for many years, I didn’t have this freedom. I couldn’t do as I pleased, little things such as going out to dinner with friends, volunteering my time to help others or letting family borrow money because I had to check in with someone, blocked my freedom. Without his approval, I couldn’t do these little things that made me feel good and were important to me. Other bigger things happened such as turning down film roles because he didn’t approve, losing friends because he manipulated situations among our friendship and having family help me with my then newborn denied, also altered my freedom. I felt contained, suffocated and even confused. It took me a long time but finally I woke up and I realized I was with a controlling person and I wasn’t at liberty to be me. But I didn’t know any better, I thought that’s how relationships worked. So for many years, I wasn’t able to celebrate my freedom and today my friends, as I’m in a new state of mind and physically back in a new state, my home state of California, I am proud to practice what our founding fathers fought for in 1776…Liberty and Independence. 

As you gather with family and friends and indulge in today’s festivities remember to be grateful for your freedom and independence. If you reflect and realize you don’t have that, I encourage you to look at yourself and value yourself. If you are in a dominating relationship you are worth so much more. Use that strength within you and exercise your right to move forward. I can’t promise you it will be easy but ultimately it will be worth fighting for your own freedom!! 

On a lighter note, here’s my road trip to freedom video to my new journey! Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July my fellow American patriots!! Enjoy!! Xoxo❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

Chicago…until we meet again! 

In my lifetime experience, I’ve found two things really difficult to do, breaking up and saying goodbye. Which is no wonder why I stayed so long in a relationship that should have ended within the first year and which is why I never really said goodbye to any of you rather until we meet again or see you #soon. 

I remember I arrived in Chicago without a job and friends just an internship with ABC7 and Lake County TV on June 7, 2002. My plan was to experience the Windy City, Chi Town, the Second City or however you refer Chicago as, for only 5 years max. But for one reason or another I remained in Chicago and finally 14 years and 14 days later on June 21, 2016, I jam packed my car and began my adventure back to the West. But this time my car is not the only thing packed to the max but my mind is now filled with unforgettable memories and my heart is filled with love by you my Chicagoan friends. 

As I reflect on my timeline in Chicago, my failed marriage is not what I’m reflecting on at all and what I will remember Chicago by. When I share stories about my time in Chicago I will share about the amazing group of women who I call my sisters from other misters and through glasses of wines and chismes (gossip) we found laughter, my talented group of friends who I call my film family and after filming a commercial, short or feature film are the ones who kept inspiring me to go after my dreams, my fun and partying group of friends that can do pub crawls like no other and who I call my #Royal family, Wrigleyville will always mean something to me, my professional group of friends who I call my Wilson and Concordia family, year after year somehow we managed to get through each school year in one piece, my entrepreneur group of friends who I call my boss babes and hustle like no other have shown me how as busy moms we can still handle our family duties and manage a business, finally my online group of friends that even though we haven’t met in person, I call my social media #Thalifamilia, amazes me how one common interest our love for #Thalia, can connect people. All of these group of friends have made every dark day easier to get through my times of uncertainties in Chicago. 

You’ve all made me happy in one way or another and I love the fact that I’m taking fantastic memories with me back to where I started from. So to me my friends, it’s not a goodbye as you will live in my memories and all the pictures we have taken together. Plus thank goodness for technology we are all a click of a like, comment, message or text away. Of course we can always pick up the phone too, let’s not forget that. 

Once again, thank you friends for all the laughs, cries, films, drinks, talks, late nights, early mornings, boats,boats, boats, pub crawls, favors and simply just being there for me!! Cheers and save the tears, I’ve cried enough for all of us and get ready for more great times ahead!! It’s not a goodbye at all Chicago…until we meet again!! See you soon Chicago!! XOXO💋💋❤️❤️


I’m swinging and flinging my Magic Wand but nothing is happening. I’m standing in front of the mirror, waving that wand but the pounds aren’t melting off. I’m looking at my bank statement and swatting at my bank receipt but zeros aren’t appearing at the end of that number. I’m whirling and twirling my Magic Wand at a group of students but again nothing is happening, they aren’t learning, I’m not teaching, I’m disciplining. Whether we want to transform ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle, save dinero a little more, or ensure that our children are learning and receiving an equitable education from teachers actually teaching, it is a transformation that begins in our mind set. Change cannot happen until we act upon it. Talking, complaining, and crying are good ways to start, but you’re only thinking about it. Nothing will happen, unless you commit yourself to do something about it. By doing something I don’t mean using your SnapChat filters! If only transforming your life would be that easy! But in reality it takes work, lots and lots of dedication, time, patience and support!

“Would you like another cookie? Here, have another margarita, it’s a light version”. Yeah, right. We’ve all heard this before and have found it very difficult to just say no to sweets or drinks or anything else fatty and delicious. After the guilty indulgences, there’s been many times I’ve cried about gaining a few extra pounds, but crying didn’t help at all, actually, it didn’t even feel good to cry. In order to lose those pounds, I knew what I had to do. I had to stop drinking excessively, stop making fast food runs after drinking excessively, and I just had to think, let’s do something about it. I had to push myself to get back into the gym, I had to make healthier food choices and I had to cut back on drinks. One glass of wine a day not a bottle a day.

“Oh look at that cute dress! And those shoes!” Absolutely not, these words should never come out of your mouth again if you really want to save money. This form of thinking and doing has to stop. You have to remind myself that you don’t need anymore sundresses or sandals, and just because it’s on sale or clearance, it is not a reason to think, “It’s ok, I will save “x” amount of money”. Instead, you need to start to think, “Do I really need it? Think life necessities versus wants.

Finally, our children, our students, our future. How can we ensure that they are learning in our educational system? Like my other two cents, we need to change the way we think about our educational system. Are you the type of parent that sends your child to school, thinking the teacher will teach your child how to behave? How to treat others? How to add, read, and write? I hope you answered no, no, and yes to the three questions. If you think that it is the educational systems job to teach your child how to behave and treat others, well my dear reader, I’m 99% sure the third question is not happening. Instead the teacher is using valuable time to discipline and teach children how to act and treat others instead of the joy and passion of enlightening young minds to learn something enticing. If you’re the parent that feels entitled, just think about what you’re teaching your child. Everything you say, think, and most importantly do, your child does at school. You need to remember, you are your child’s first teacher. No one can change or replace that. So if your child is not up to par, ask yourself what can I do to change this? Don’t blame it on the educational system, the teachers or the rain. Just think about how hard that teacher has it in the classroom and think about how you can help. If you work full-time and think you don’t have time to get involved, think: isn’t your child, niece, nephew or whichever little one you know and have, worth fifteen minutes of your day? Fifteen minutes is all it takes, to ask how your child’s day went, what your child learned, and to check their backpack for important school notices. If you have time to be on Social Media, you have fifteen minutes to spare for your child.

Transformation of any type is an ongoing process, the beginning is the most difficult, but once you start, the wheels will keep on rolling. Don’t just talk about it, be about it!! Wishing you all peace, love, and happiness!!

Want a quick, fun video blog version? Check my Transformation video here.  XOXO, Ruby 💋💋